Never meet your heroes from TikTok

Hello Everyone! My name is Jenny, I’m 18 and this is my story… Have you ever felt very close to someone you don’t know? Like when you see an artist so much you think you know him better than your…

Never meet your heroes from TikTok



Hello Everyone! My name is Jenny, I’m 18 and this is my story… Have you ever felt very close to someone you don’t know? Like when you see an artist so much you think you know him better than your family? I’m pretty sure you understand what I’m talking about. If people didn’t feel that connection with their idols then no one would have cried when Kobe or Michael Jackson died.

I never thought that I would have an idol. I mean I always like artist like Beyonce or Selena Gomez, but I never got crazy about them or anyone… Until two years ago when my best friend insisted me to create an account on a new app called TikTok. I did it and one of the first videos the app showed me was of a really gorgeous girl dancing in fun ways, so I followed her.

One of the best (or worst) things in TikTok is that if you interact a lot with one account it tells you every time they post something! I remember even leaving my aunt’s funeral just to see a video of this girl. I was a addicted to her as you may notice… If I only had known how she really was like, everything would have been very different.

I’m a little lonely to be honest. Mom and dad work all day and I don’t have a lot of friends either. So every time I had a bad day, instead of telling it to someone I watched her videos for hours, it always made me feel better. I know it wasn’t the best way to deal with my problems, and I started seeing her as a friend, you know? Someone that would be for me no matter what, even if it’s through a phone.

You might be asking who is she, but I don’t want to say her name other than it rhymes with Maddison…to avoid any kind of retaliation, she is very famous! I’ll describe it to you soy you can figure it. She’s a brunette with highlights who lives in Los Angeles, posts a lot of videos dancing with his family and had a YouTube channel with other TikTokers that has millions of subscribers.

One day I decided to take a bus to L.A. just to find her and tell her how important she was to me. I live in Anaheim so it ain’t that far. That day she posted an Instagram story at the beach so I went there as fast as I could, 20 minutes later she posted another story, this tame on a restaurant. I was following her through all the city just by her posts until I could find her. She was eating ice cream with her friends. I felt chills at the second I saw her, and I waited until I had a chance

They stayed there for about an hour, then walked away. I didn’t know what to do so I followed them, I had come too far to stop. We arrived to a beautiful white house in Beverly Hills. They all entered. I was too afraid to knock. Outside the house I saw a van with a cleaning company name… For some reason, I applied for a job at the cleaning company…

The plan was very simple: I start working there and they eventually would send me to her house and when that happened I was going to let her know everything I feel through a letter. Easy, right?
I cried several times while writing the letter. I told her everything, how beautiful, intelligent, good dancer and funny she was. I also told her that she was my main support through hard days even if she didn’t know my name.

After a month they called me to clean her house. I was very excited about it so I went there early. No one was at home because there was a TikTok event in New York. Better for me! I checked the house looking for her room and I found it. I couldn’t believe that I was there! I clean it up and before leaving I put the letter on her desk.

One of the company services is laundry, so I opened one of her drawers to put some clothes and I found a black book. I thought it could be a diary or something like that… and it was much worse, it was the satanic bible! And it had pictures of rituals inside! One showed her among other tiktokers, wearing ropes and with a child lean in something that looks like an altar! WHAT??

After seeing that I put the book back on the drawer, grabbed the letter and ran away. I called the company saying that I left because I wasn’t feeling good. Two days later I quit my job.

Now I don’t know what to do! Should I tell authorities about this?? I once read about a conspiracy theory of famous people that do rituals and all that weird stuff, I thought it was all lies and now I don’t know what to believe! It was stupid going there!

Never meet your heroes or get close to them, you may find some disturbing and dissapointing stuff..

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