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Episode 509 Scott: We are excited to have this guest. It’s funny. It’s a small world in the podcasting industry out there and with our friends out there. I saw an email from our good friend, Tracy Hazzard, who…

Simplify Your Social Media with Hailley Griffis From



Episode 509

Scott: We are excited to have this guest. It’s funny. It’s a small world in the podcasting industry out there and with our friends out there. I saw an email from our good friend, Tracy Hazzard, who we’ve had on one of our podcasters live stream and they handle I saw that she’s like, “I’ve got this special guest I interviewed.” I was like, “I’ve got to have this person on. I’ve got to reach out.” Thank Tracy Hazzard for making the introductions to our rockstar head of PR, bad-ass Jiu-Jitsu kick-asser over at It’s the one, the only Hailley Griffis. What’s going on, Hailley?

Hailley: Thank you so much for having me, Scott.

Scott: I’m excited when we saw this because Buffer has been one of the biggest tools that we’ve added, not only to our real estate business, but also it has helped us drive a lot of traffic across different social media profiles, whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter stuff like that. It’s helped us dominate our niche out there. I’m so excited to have you talked about this. We preach on this all the time and people hear all the time. They’re probably feeling a lot like I did. “I’ll get around to it,” and then when I got around to it, “Why didn’t I start this earlier?” Why don’t you explain a little bit about what Buffer is?

Hailley: Buffer essentially helps you manage your social media. What you do, Scott, is you can put a bunch of your posts that you want to send out on your various channels into Buffer. You can set a schedule so you don’t have to go in and say, “I want this to go out 1:00 PM on a Thursday, but 10:00 AM on a Friday.” You can set your schedule in advance, add your content and then we’ll send it out in that queue. That’s one of the biggest differentiators between Buffer and other tools. Essentially, we’re helping you do something that you might do manually, automatically. It saves you time, you get better results when you are posting more consistently too. There are a lot of good reasons to like leverage the fact that there are tools that exist to help you with this and to dive in. I was going to chat a little bit about Buffer and then I was also going to share some of my favorite social media marketing strategies while we’re at it, because this is something that I love talking about. I was the cohost on Buffer’s podcast, The Science of Social Media for two and a half years. I definitely want to chat with you all about Buffer and if it works for you, that will be amazing. I definitely want to make sure this is valuable for people even if they don’t use Buffer. I’ll also share some of those social strategies.

Scott: You’ve also got another podcast that you run yourself too, don’t you?

Hailley: Yes. I also run a podcast called MakeWorkWork and that is all about tech, travel and books. That’s more of a conversation podcast. Me and one other co-host, we spend an hour or so chatting. We did a two-hour episode. We were like, “That was a long one.”

Scott: You brought up a good point back on that the more you can be consistent in your marketing, the better is. A lot of new entrepreneurs or people that come from the job force or are either doing their side hustle or starting something new, whether it’s real estate or tiddlywinks, there are a lot of unfinished bridges. A lot of things that we’ve got to work on, we halfway start them and never finish them. We’ll create a business profile. We’ll create a LinkedIn profile, but we don’t necessarily know what we should be posting or when, and go from there. I’m going to shut up and let you run with it. How’s that sound?

Hailley: This is what we were chatting about, all about Buffer and social media marketing strategies. I’ll start with Buffer and then some of the things I’m going to talk about are going to be how to choose your social networks. This is actually a big one that people don’t realize. Some social media goals, what those should look like, creating content for social media. I’ll talk more about other tools that you can use to because Buffer works well intended with a lot of other tools. There are a lot of free tools out there. Let’s start by chatting about what is Buffer and maybe why you should be using a social media management tool at all. We got into this, Scott and I, in terms of like the ways that it helps, but let’s talk about a social media solution. There are a couple of things that you do on social media and one of them is scheduling posts for the future. That’s what we do with our main tool. We call it Buffer Publish and it’s about using your time wisely. You can add all of the content you’ve planned to your queues with your social media management tool, and then they go out at the days and the times that you scheduled them for. You can also engage with your customers and followers.

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