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The process of moving from creativity to innovation, from idea to ‘success’ is simple: Inspiration – get inspired by an idea Motivation – find the motivation to actualise that idea Action – take the action required, fuelled by the motivation…

Vlog 1 of 365 AIM



The process of moving from creativity to innovation, from idea to ‘success’ is simple:

Inspiration – get inspired by an idea
Motivation – find the motivation to actualise that idea
Action – take the action required, fuelled by the motivation you’ve found
Let’s be honest.

I prefer this order.
“I awake, inspired by a million-dollar-idea; I am motivated to take massive action, immediately. I make a million dollars from my inspired idea.”
“I rinse and I repeat.”
AIM is a cycle

My preferred order feels nice.

It takes effort but it is easy effort – feeling ‘effortless’.

It also evades me much of the time.

If I waited for the motivation to come before I took action, I wouldn’t achieve much.

Good News – AIM is a cycle

In most cases, a ‘cycle’ is a repeated sequence of events. To be fair, there’s usually something that starts the cycle, but the really good news it that the AIM cycle can begin with any of the steps.

If you begin with Action, Inspiration and Motivation can follow.
The first writer to give me advice on writing said simply,

“Write 1000 words per day.”
He got up and wrote 1000 words before doing anything else every day.

Isaac Asimov had more than 500 books published. He had little time for “Writer’s Block.” His work ethic may have come from his father. An owner of a sweet shop, Isaac’s father opened the shop at 6am every day regardless of whether or not he felt motivated to do so.

Isaac wrote like his father conducted business. It was usually a 12 hour day, often from 9.30am through to 10pm. Writers write, right?

To maintain this level of massive action, Isaac also developed a straightforward writing style – speaking clearly to the reader. Furthermore, he did not concern himself with the opinions of the critics. None of his critics wrote 500 books. Action was the key.

Mark Manson in, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,” suggests writing 200 words is sufficient to ‘prime the pump’. The idea is that if you begin, even with 200 words that would turn out to be unusable, the inspiration would kick in and 800 valuable words would flow.

“Don’t just sit there. Do something. The answers will follow.”
So said Mark Manson’s Maths’ Teacher

“Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, it’s also the cause of it.”
So says Mark Manson
Beginning with Motivation

You can’t contradict a cycle like the AIM Cycle that I’m recommending.

You can begin with Action, find Inspiration kick in, and discover the Motivation to finish the Action!

You can begin the easy way with Inspiration, become Motivated, and take Action!

However, there is a third way.

Understand what Motivates you – what your natural sources of energy are.

You may be like any three of the following…

The Defender – finding energy in security, stability, and predictability
The Friend – energised by a sense of belonging, enjoying meaningful relationships

The Star – getting super-pumped through recognition, respect, and social esteem
The Director – getting a rush from controlling and directing resources
The Builder – enjoying money, material comforts, and above-average living
The Expert – relishing your position as a key person of influence in your field
The Creator – receiving a buzz from being innovative and expressing your creativity
The Spirit – coming alive when you feel free from restrictions and commitments
The Searcher – finding fulfilment in living life with a specific purpose where you may make a significant difference to the world, providing ideas, or products, or services that others also find worthwhile.
This approach to the AIM Cycle then flows thus:
Understand your strongest Motivators and place yourself in a routine and an environment and in company that all promote those Motivators
Take Action to prime the pump staying within the domain your Motivators allow you to shine in
Be grateful for and enjoy the Inspiration that is sure to follow
Take Action Today

If you really want to jump-start and then accelerate the success of your AIM Cycle, understand what Motivates you. You are unique – and so are the energies that fuel your Motivation. There is a profiling tool that can take away the guesswork and bring you certainty: Motivational Mapping.

Do your Motivational Map Profile with me and then let’s spend 45 minutes debriefing what this means for your much brighter, better, bolder, and bigger future.
My AIM is Clear

There are many magnificent Motivational Mappers I can recommend but I want you personally to work with me personally. I want to add massive value to your life, and I want you to add massive value to my bank account in return. Quid pro quo.

The sooner you take Action, the sooner you can enjoy elevated levels of Inspiration and Motivation.

Message Me!
[Seriously… take Action!]

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